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Silkon Properties incorporates proven, professional state of the art techniques specializing in the marketing, listing, management, letting and sales of  residential and commercial  properties. Silkon

Properties maintains a full-time staff of well-trained real estate professionals who continually strive to provide top quality service for their individual clients.  We endeavor to source, realize and service demand and supply driven opportunity within the property market.

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Despite Johannesburg’s city centre doing its utmost to change perceptions about its capacity to function as the heart of the city, Sandton continues to reign as the most important financial and business district in South Africa, and arguably sub-Saharan Africa. It has been such since 1990 when the mass exodus to the northern suburb first began, and Sandton became known not only as a materialistic centre, but as a refuge of the ‘white flight’ from Johannesburg’s CBD.

It is hard to believe that this sophisticated district, home to the top investment banks, financial consultants, the Johannesburg stock exchange, and one of the biggest convention centres on the continent, was but mere sandy horse trails where the ‘mink and manure set’ lived on wealthy, large estates 50 years ago - small wonder it is known as one of the most opulent areas in Johannesburg.

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Bedr: 3 Bath: 2.5 Price R 1,350,000
Sandton Gauteng

Bedr: 4 Bath: 2 Price R 2,800,000
Roodepoort Gauteng